Spain took over me, but I’m back!


I have returned!

So…as you guys can tell I have obviously kept busy and have had too much fun here in Madrid. I promised myself I would keep everyone updated but I will give you guys the scoop to everything I have come across on my journey!

School started and let me tell you, NOT easy. I assumed that teachers would give me a break because they know I’m an international student…wrong. They do not care where I’m from, how much Spanish I know, or how lost I am. I guess I can say I’m happy in a way because that is the only way I will really learn the language. As for the people, I would be lying to everyone if I said everyone here is welcoming and sweet. I guess Spanish people have a reputation for a reason. It takes time for them to warm up. The friends I’ve made are other international students.

Casita 305 (my apartment) is the best! I couldn’t have asked for a better and cozier home. When I first arrived I was in shock as to how small everything was! Definitely not even half the size of an apartment in Miami. But as time has passed I’ve realized ALL the apartments here in Madrid are not old, but ancient. So I can say I love my cozy home. Roomie situation is great. Mariana and Gretel are great 🙂

As for my travels, I have already been to Sevilla, Barcelona, Segovia (cities all in Spain) and Switzerland. As of now, Switzerland is my favorite place on earth. I spent a few days in Zurich then drove up to the mountains and stayed in a village called, Lenzerheide. This place was beyond words amazing. When your born in Costa Rica and raised in Miami, seeing white all around you in the middle of the mountains is so amazing. So I have two favorite parts of this trip…1) I went sledding & 2) I had some fire legit fondue. When I walked up the mountains at night in the snow, it was something I cannot explain; so amazing. Okay i’ll stop rambling about Switzerland now. My upcoming trip itinerary is very exciting! I will be going to Amsterdam, Prague, Berlin and Budapest for my spring break (April 11-22). After that I have two places left on my bucket list; Paris & London.

My workout life has not been as great as it was in Miami. The food here is too good and cheap to not cheat and gain a little lovin’. It all hit me this Monday that I cannot continue this nonsense. So, I’m getting back on my routine and starting all my workouts and good eating habits again. Something I do not understand is how everyone here is so skinny but all they do is eat and drink. Oh, and the eating they do isn’t great; not organic, not nutritious, just plain greasy, fattening, and delicious!!

The homesickness already kicked in. I love Madrid and the experience I am getting but I also miss home incredibly. My sister Lany already came which made me SO happy. She is the reason for all of this. She is my total inspiration and motivation. My special someone, Orlando, also came last week. I blame him the weight I gained. Our schedule looked a little like this…eat, drink, eat, drink, eat, eat oh and eat some more. We made a little day trip to Segovia and ate so good! And just to add to the list of visitors, my parentals arrive in two days! The two people I miss more than anything. This is my moms first time in Europe. I am so exited to see what she will think.

I will end this post by informing everyone I got a nose piercing! My sister and I had been wanting to do it but never really went through with it. Once I arrived in Madrid I promised myself I would do something daring and a little crazy and I did. The first time I attempted to do it, I backed out and came back to my apartment. Once Orlando arrived he totally gave me the courage to do it and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

I promise to continue to inform and update you guys on my travels and experiences!! Xoxo