Tea and crumpets anyone?


Food, people, architecture, history, shopping…EVERYTHING! London is gorgeous. The London bridge, London eye, the Big Ben…they are ALL worth visiting…more than once! London has so much to see and do you cannot possibly ever get bored here. The Buckingham Palace is so unreal. The gardens surrounding the palace are so beautiful and great for picnicking!



Germany is such a powerful and interesting country. The country has been through a lot of hardships and is the stories are extremely interesting and intriguing. From the Holocaust to the Berlin wall, there are endless things to do and see here. As for food, Currywurst and Glühwein is a MUST! Currywurst is the best pork sausage you will ever try. As for Glühwein ; it is a type of wine that is consumed very warm due to the low temperatures.

Oui Oui


Bonjour Monamie! (That means hello friend)

We have landed in Paris! Paris is DEFINETLY the city of love. Paris has so much history and beauty in everything. From the buildings to the food to the culture itself! I did not enter the Lourve but just being on the outside was so beautiful. On the way to the arch of Triumph I gained some more pounds and had amazing crepes. Walking down the champs elysees is a MUST. And lastly, the Eiffel tower! The Eiffel tower is so beautiful during all hours of the day. Paris in general is breathtaking!

French fries, waffles, beer, BELGIUM!


We have landed in Belgium…that means FRENCH FRIES! If you didn’t know; French fries originate from Belgium. They are also known for their famous Belgium waffles, chocolate and beer. Let’s just say I gained a couple pounds here. Belgium is also, BEYOND beautiful with so much history behind it. Some of the famous places I visited were; Bruges, Brussels, The famous atom balls, and castles of Namur!



Hi Everyone!
I would like to give you a little sneak peek into some of my travels as I studied abroad last semester in Madrid, Spain.
First stop….SWITZERLAND!
I will start off with Zurich. SO beautiful. Not only is the city itself amazing but the people are all so sweet. The people of Switzerland have a reputation of being some of the nicest people and I sure experienced it. I was then able to visit, Lenzerheide. Lenzerheide is a beautiful mountain resort known for their skiing. Skiing and sledding is a very common thing to do while staying at this mountain resort. This is where I tried my first REAL Swiss fondue. If you love cheese as much as I do, this is a country you MUST visit and try their fondue. The experience of eating the fondue was even better! So let me give you a little brief description on what the fondue experience is. You drive to the top of the mountain until you can longer drive. You then find parking somewhere, and walk the rest of your way up (while your freezing your butt off). Once you have reached the old restaurant cottage, you EAT. Cheese, bread and Swiss vodka is the only thing you will have to eat here. You dip your bread into the vodka and then into the cheese…DELICIOUS! Once you are done with your meal, you sled down the entire mountain, in the dark and in the freezing cold. This was such an amazing experience; I recommend everyone to try this when visiting Switzerland.